istanbul trilogy

- haiku about istanbul

catching jellyfish
in turbulent bosphorus
millions watching us

in autumn sunshine
churches hide in the market
we can see them all

among wet columns
history makes a quantum leap
-pale glow of screens

nevsehir trilogy

- i lived for 2 years in nevsehir, a town in cappadocia in central turkey, when i was a child

through dusty streets
i run with dirty children
sick ones are behind

the mud feels cool
as my small fingers shape it
on the potter's wheel

a cool draft rises
from a black bottomless shaft
-underground city

insomnia trilogy

- written on a sleepless summer night in istanbul

light of the timer
goes on and off in the dark
-i watch it all night

like restless moths
visions fly inside my head
-no sleep tonight

my pillow hates me
my bed wants to throw me out

scifiku trilogy

- science fiction haiku. i got the idea from the internet

stuck in ancient rome
the romans cannot repair
my time machine

now you see me
and now you dont
camouflage outfit

shut my eyes on earth
opened them on the moon

tokyo trilogy

- in september 1999, on the night of the harvest moon, i took the shinkansen hikari from tokyo to kyoto and wrote the following haiku on the train

alone in tokyo
white light of the harvest moon
falls only on me

shinkansen runs fast
soon I will be in kyoto
thinking of tokyo

are the neon lights
brighter than the harvest moon
i cannot decide

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