The Orchestra Chamber
Like billions of my fellow human beings, I enjoy listening to music. But I hate the question 'what kind of music do you like?' because I have no easy answer, and I hate answers such as 'I like to listen to everything'. I am not a musician, and I cannot play any serious instrument competitively, my voice is terrible and my ears just good enough to notice how hideous my voice is. Here are some composers and bands and performers that I like, categorised mostly by genre.

I like the mathematical perfection of the Baroque music, and the way it is distanced from excessive emotion.

I do not like Romantic attitudes much, but some composers have produced great music is this era.

20th Century
I prefer 20th century art to all other centuries in general. This holds true for classical music also. Actually, thinking of it, I think I prefer 20th anything to something from other centuries. Not always, but most of the time.

Popular Music
Again like billions of others I listen to popular music most of the time.

Turkish Music
I do not know much about Turkish Music and do not like it much either. Mainly because it is monophonic. I enjoy the occasional classical piece, folk ballad, and modern song but have no favourites to follow. Maybe except Zen, a band that makes improvised music. At least they have a stage presence, which makes their performances fun.
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