Poetry and Anti-Poetry
I used to dislike poetry, but I liked literature and when one reads a certain amount of prose he cannot avoid poetry. So, slowly I started reading poetry and learned to enjoy it. Still I prefer prose by far. Here are some of my favourite poems and haiku:

Matsuo Bashoo

The great master of Haiku.

William Blake

One of the first poets I've read. Not one of my favourites though.

William Butler Yeats

Not the kind of stuff you'd recite to your beloved.

Algernon Charles Swinburne

When he does not use alliteration too much he is even better than Poe.

Stephen Crane

Crane called these not poems, but lines. Very interesting.

Edgar Allan Poe

Not surprisingly, I started reading poetry with Poe. A true genious, my favourite.

James Joyce

I really like Joyce's poetry, yet I did not like his prose.
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