My writings, artistic and otherwise
Some texts I have written in the past.


A haiku trilogy written in one sleepless night in the summer of 2000, from 5:15 to 5:50.


Science fiction haiku written in 2000. I've come across this idea on the web and tried my hand in it. Again a trilogy.


Yet another haiku trilogy. Mostly written on the shinkansen trip after my visit to Tokyo, in '99.


My haiku on Istanbul. These are the least coherent of all my city haiku because Istanbul is my hometown. It is impossible for me to see Istanbul the way an outsider sees it, as a whole entity. I can draw upon an endless collection of memories, moments, locations, and events. No three- (or five- or ten-) haiku reconstruction of Istanbul could make the place real for me, even if they originated from my experience.


I lived in Nevsehir, a small central Anatolian town when I was five. More than others these haiku are based on my rememberences.

Victor Frankenstein Tanriya Karsi

An essay I've written in '95 for a university course. It was also published in an amateur SF magazine. In Turkish.

Siberpunk ve Teatral Oyunlar

An essay on Cyberpunk and Roleplaying, written for the online RPG magazine 'Kayip Sahne', in '99. In Turkish, here without the images and the links.

Rol Oyuncusunun Mayis Ayi Astrolojik Zar Fali

My second contribution to 'Kayip Sahne', an attempt in writing humour. In Turkish. Without the images. 1999.

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