A Singularity character should be affected by the change in the society or should be in a position likely to be affected by the change soon (during the game). It can be an ex-system operator who lost its job to an AI, or a Ghost system operator who replaces a human sysop in a company. The character can be the agent of change as a Cyborg fighting secretly to gain rights or a scientist doing ground-braking research. Or alternatively, it could be someone who works against the wave of change; a Metahuman Control Board agent trying to unearth Spartacus plots and conspiracies, or a luddite-tribal who hates technology and industry and dreams of a calm, pastoral life.

These are what the player and the Gamemaster (GM) should know about a character;
  • NAME


Choose species (and gender), the character can be from any of the species below. Robots and AIs are not allowed as PCs, because they are machines and thus are extremely alien and almost impossible (and quite boring) to roleplay.

  • Homo Sapiens:
    Humans with or without modifications (except direct interface).

  • Digitally Translated Personality (DTP or Ghost):
    Internet based human personality.

  • Direct Interface Capable Clone (DICC or Cyborg or dick):
    Cloned human with interface capable nervous system and implanted personality. Human clones are sterile. While most have functional genitals and are capable of sexual intercourse they cannot sire progeny. UN regulations do not allow production of fertile clones.


All species have adapted to their environment to some degree. Determine the 3 basic adaptation ratings for the character. Score range for human characters is 2-4. Though general Adaptations scores cannot be higher than 4, rare individuals may have extraordinary talents (see Traits section) that allow them to have scores of 5 or similarly some characters may be handicapped with scores of 1. DICCs and Ghosts can have maximum general scores of 5. Robots and AI can have maximum general scores of 6.
    Instinct sums up the built-in physiological and psychological defences against stressful and threatening situations. It measures built-in reflexes, danger detection & avoidance, will to live, vitality, pathogen resistance, among other things. Should be used in case of emergency.

    Ingenuity is the ability to learn and to predict. It is a result of highly developed cognitive abilities-nervous systems. Ingenuity allows the organism to be flexible where Instinct can react quickly to a limited number of (emergency) situations. Ingenuity measures detail perception, learning ability, reasoning ability, creativity and tool-using skills.

    Interaction is an ability possessed by social animals. It measures ability to communicate feelings and ideas (self-expression), social behaviour and adaptiveness, empathy, and sexual appeal. To be used when attempting to interact with other animals, humans and non-human intelligences.
Adaptation (% of human population)  
Handicapped (bottom 1%)  
Inferior (bottom 10%)  
Normal (Middle 80%)  
Superior (Top 10%)  
Metahuman (Top 0.01%, Modified humans, Ghosts, Cyborgs)  
Superhuman (AIs, ARs, Modified Ghosts, Modified Cyborgs)  


Traits are exceptional natural abilities, cybernetic implants, biomodifications etc. Natural abilities are possessed by gifted individuals, and are within limits of human abilities (i.e. olympic athletes, geniuses). Natural traits can not be higher than 5. Cybernetic modifications are usually obvious and easy to detect (mirror-covered eyes etc.). Bioengineered modifications are subtler but more expensive. Cybernetics and bioengineering allow scores of 6. Here are some traits and modifications, details can be found in the technology section. You are encouraged to come up with new traits to use in the game.
  • Neural Wiring
    • This is a cybernetic modification.
    • Allows direct connexion to the internet and related services, including teleoperation of other connected devices.
    • Has full-sensory support for immersive virtual reality environments.
    • Allows downloading and uploading of skills and knowledge. With access to such data, skills take 1d6 minutes to download from the net and prepare to run.
    • Causes serious mental problems in humans on a failed Instict check (difficulty: II). Choose a mental problem, or have a drug dependancy against the effects.

  • Cybernetic Synthesis
    • Cybernetic modification.
    • Allows Ghosts to merge with operating systems in the internet and operate in a 'computer' mode, making it possible to Ghost to handle complex computer networks.
    • +1 to relevant Adaptation when applicable. (i.e. when dealing with computer related tasks)
    • Causes the Ghost to lose more of its human nature. Choose a mental problem for the Ghost.

  • Superior or Improved Sensory System
    • Can be cybernetic, bioengineered or natural. Natural abilities are limited as explained above.
    • Better eyesight (low-light, slightly telescopic vision).
    • Better hearing (better directional hearing, increased sensitivity).
    • Better sense of smell (allows tracking by smell).
    • +1 to relevant Adaptation when applicable.

  • Superior/Improved Immune System
    • Natural or bioengineered.
    • Increases pathogen resistance. +1 Instinct versus pathogens, poisons, disease, etc.

  • Superior/Improved Respiratory System
    • Bioengioneered.
    • Allows survival for (15 minutes) without breathing.

  • Superior/Improved Reflexes
    • Natural, bioengineered or cybernetic.
    • Faster reflexes. +1 Instinct when reflexes are needed.

  • Superior/Improved Skeletal-Muscular System
    • Natural, bioengineered or cybernetic.
    • Strenghtened muscles and bones. +1 Instinct for strength and stamina related tasks.

  • Superior/Improved Appearance
    • Natural or bioengineered.
    • In modern cosmetic surgery, everything is possible. +1 Interact when applicable. (i.e. for appearance and sexual appeal related tests.)
    • Strikingly good-looking characters attract attention, may cause jealousy in others and are easily remembered.

  • Superior/Improved Nervous System
    • Natural, bioengineered or cybernetic.
    • Increases intelligence and overall cognitive ability. +1 Ingenuity for mental activity.
    • Non-natural traits cause mental problems on a failed Instinct check. Choose a moderate mental problem (amnesia, personality change, epilepsy, flashbacks), if you fail the check. Or have a drug dependancy against the effects.

  • Specialised Glands
    • Bioengineered.
    • Designed to secrete pre-specified chemicals. Effects depend on the supplied chemical.


Choose functions for the character, and determine rating. Define specialisations if you wish. Professions are groups of skills and abilities relevant to the function. Functions need not be real professions in the sense that someone is paid for performing them. Hobbies also count. Typical functions include;
  • Executive/Bureaucrat (corporate or government manager)

  • Hitman/Samurai/Ronin

  • Reporter/Media

  • Agent (Special security agent or spy)

  • Lawyer

  • Fixer/Dealer (a dealer for rare or illegal items and data)

  • Performer: Type (Athlete, Actor, Musician, DJ, Model, etc.)

  • Pilot: Type (Wheeled, Tracked, Boat, Aircraft, Spacecraft, etc.)

  • Engineer: Type (Mechanical, Electronical, Computer Hardware, Biotech, Vehicle, Nanotech, etc.)

  • Scientist: Type (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology, etc.)

  • Designer: Type (Industrial, Architect, Fashion, Visual/Web, etc.)

  • Any other you can think of.
Description (% of professionals in the field)  
Unskilled (bottom 1%)  
Amateur (bottom 10%)  
Professional (Middle 80%)  
Expert (Top 10%)  
Authority (Top 100 in the field)  


Choose groups the character is a member of, or has contacts and allies in. Use the supplied factions or invent your own groups and use them as antagonists or protagonists as you wish. Determine the influence of the group.

Influence and Resources  
The group has a local influence, in an area up to as large as a city.  
The group has a regional influence, in an area up to as large as a country.  
The group has a global influence, in an area at least as large as a continent.  


Determine the character's personal wealth and belongings and access to data. Vehicles, money, rare items, equipment, even vessels for web based personalities can be determined here. A general resources rating should be decided upon.

Below poverty limit - street  
Poor, junior member of a local group.  
Lower Middle Class, junior member of a regional group, senior member of a local group.  
Upper Middle Class, junior member of a global group, senior member of a regional group, ruler of a local group.  
Rich, senior member of a global group, ruler of a regional group.  
Super-rich, ruler of a global group.  


Each Singularity character has a sickness. Players and GMs are responsible to roleplay these effects. Be creative. Choose from the list below, or invent your own. Most efects would be a -1 to an Adaptation when relevant.
  • Drug Addiction or Dependence
    The character is addicted to a drug of choice. The drug can be a hallucinogen, depressant, stimulant, an immersive virtual reality, or a medical drug against a chronic illness. The character will do anything to get the drug when in need. Addicts also have a high tolerance against the drug's effects. Drugs can augment Adaptations by +1 up to Metahuman (5) levels.

  • Environment Induced Stress Syndrome (EISS)
    The cause of this disease is not known precisely, but it is related to a modern, urban lifestyle. Majority of urban populations cities have EISS. With increasing stress levels, patients show increased energy and attentiveness, appetite and sleep disturbances (wants more or less sleep or food), psychosomatic pain effects. If the patient is sufficiently stressed, he will suddenly display symptoms of clinical insanity, including mania, paranoia, depression, phobia, delusions, hallucinations, and schizophrenia.

  • Modification Complexions
    Some biological and cybernetic modifications cause complexions that may cause problems. These may include physical results of cybernetics malfunctioning (and causing lots of pain, and or strange effects- failed reflex boosters causing tremors, cyber-senses causing hallucinations- be imaginative), or psychological problems induced by and neuro-implants (a.k.a. cyberpsychosis).

  • Neuro-toxin Glands
    Not surprisingly, normal people do not have the neuro-toxin glands problem. But all DICCs come supplied with them. This is a device to keep the DICCs under control. All DICCs need daily shots of antidote to counter the effects of the neuro-toxin. These toxins are tailored for each model, and cannot be neutralised by commercial antidotes. To synthesise an antidote for a DICC neuro-toxin, first the toxin should be decoded, making this a very difficult, expensive and time-consuming effort that requires high technology. When the DICC stops taking the antidote, it has one month or so until it is completely paralysed.

  • Health Problems
    The character has chronic health problems, or is handicapped. Use any disease you can think of.


Describe the character's looks, visible behaviour, habits, VR icon, etc.


If you like to detail your characters before playing, you can write a character history, but this is optional. As long as the player can handle arising situations, the character does not need a background. More information can be added to the character description as the character takes shape during actual gameplay.


The last step in creating a character is submitting it to the gamemaster. The GM has the last say over the character, he can change it as he sees fit.


    Miyuki Osato
    Human Female
  • Instinct: 3 (Normal)
  • Ingenuity: 4 (Superior)
  • Interact: 3 (Normal)
  • None
  • Robotics Engineer: II (Professional)
  • Industrial Designer: I (Amateur)
  • Martial Artist- Kendo: I (Amateur)
  • Tojo Robotics - Pet Robot Design Department (Regional Corporation)
  • Upper-middle class (III)
  • R&D Engineer in Tojo Robotics (senior-level member)
  • Rents a flat in central Nagoya.
  • Has a pet robot (own design) called Kumo.
  • Like millions of others, Miyuki has EISS.
  • Black straight hair and dark brown eyes. Seems to be in her early twenties. Round features. She has Japanese cute teen girl manners, but is slowly growing out of it. Enjoys brightly coloured urban slack clothing.
  • Works hard. And likes travelling during holidays, visited many Asian countries and the USA.


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