• Johann Sebastian Bach- He's by far the most popular composer among cellular phone users. Once I worshipped him, but not for this reason. I stopped worshipping when I read in a lame vampire novel that he composed BWV 565 (the famous Toccato and Fugue) not to glorify the Lord, but to clean pigeon-infested organ pipes. This blasphemous idea, even though it originated from a not-very-reliable source, was sufficient to corrupt my faith in Bach, and I felt cheated as all my previous religious readings of this particular piece were blown out of my mind like pigeon nests out of blasting organ pipes. I had always fantasised that it was about the book of Genesis, 'now we can hear the waters parting, and this part signifies a firmament appearing...' and so on, ad nauseum.
    Some of my favourites are two organ works BWV 565 and BWV 537, BWV 243 (Magnificat), a C-Moll Toccato for harpsicord whose BWV number I cannot remember or find now, BWV 72 (Alles Nur Nach Gottes Willen- cantata), BWV 1013 (sonata for solo flute), BWV 1034 (sonata for flute and continuo), BWV 1008 (the second cello suite).

  • Other Composers- I also like Vivaldi, and Haendel. I find their music really refreshing, fit for a court free of worry, yet not sickeningly happy and full of joy.

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