• Vangelis- My favourite new age composer. Mostly because of the Blade Runner soundtrack, which happens to be my favourite movie.

  • Portishead- Depressive, Black & White North European music. Has more atmosphere than Venus. I love both albums passionately.

  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Dark and intense. Favourite album- Let Love In.

  • Tom Waits- He is incredible because he has everything, a sense of humour, a sense of the macabre, inventiveness. Favourite album- Rain Dogs, but only as a primus inter pares.

  • Dead Kennedys- Intellectual punk rock? How can one resist a song which goes- Pol Pot Pol Pot... Favourite album- Give me Convenience or Give me Death.

  • Einstürzende Neubauten- This is what rock music can be like.

  • The Clash- I like their Dub music unlike most other The Clash fans. I also like the album London Calling. Favourite album- The Black Market Clash.

  • Beastie Boys- My favourite hip hop band. I especially like their videos.

  • REM- I used to listen to them a lot. Out of Time is still my favourite album.
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