Science fiction is my true love, though I enjoy reading other fiction, especially when it is close to science fiction. I found out that quoting prose is harder than quoting verse, but still I have bits that impressed me by their sheer literary value or by their messages. I like other authors also, and this selection is by no means exclusive.

Ursula K. LeGuin

Great LeGuin writes books that can change you.

Philip K. Dick

P.K. Dick is the definitive authority on reality. All you Matrix fans, meet your maker!

Stanislaw Lem

It is said that there are three schools in science fiction: American, Russian and Stanislaw Lem. My favourite author.

J. G. Ballard

Science fiction turns its eye inwards. Learn the secrets of homo sapiens.

William Gibson

Gibson is always one step ahead. His influence on the popular culture is enormous.

Franz Kafka

If he wrote in the fifties, he would have been a science fiction author.

H. P. Lovecraft

Sometimes he is simply boring. But other times he tells of things beyond others' sight.

Lord Dunsany

I have not read much from him but this short story was interesting.

Jack London

Maybe the author who influenced me the most, because I read him when I was a child.

Ray Bradbury

I am not half as sentimental as Bradbury, but I have a soft spot for Martians.

Douglas Adams

The website turned out to be kind of gloomy and depressing. I am a fan of Douglas Adams, and I think that he can save the site by making us smile (at least).
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