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The Designers

A Day at Castle Krachfeld was designed by Alper Acik and Nazim Gizem Forta. Alper is the one with the red shirt and Gizem is wearing a hat, in the photograph. Long-time members of the Istanbul LARP community, we both had gamemastered LARPs before (but never together), and played in many LARPs. We call ourselves game designers instead of gamemasters because although we designed the game we were normal players once it started, we did not ‚master' anything.

To get in touch with us, please write an e-mail in Turkish, English or German to;
Alper Acik:
N. Gizem Forta:

Krachfeld Satosu'nda Bir Gün' and all related material are Copyright © 2001, by Alper Acik and N. Gizem Forta. The design of this website and all content and images herein are Copyright © 2001, by Alper Acik and N. Gizem Forta.

Credits and Links

We wish to thank the following entities for encouraging, helping and inspiring us:

- The players who were willing to join our experiment.

- The Trpgroup. The primary discussion group for Turkish LARP and role-playing theory in general. We thank all members of the trpgroup who were interested in our game.

- The Municipality of Kadiköy and the Baris Manco Kültür Merkezi, for giving us a near-perfect room to use for free.

- Eirik Fatland and other writers of the Dogma99 manifesto and the Europa handbooks. Even though we did not follow all the rules, we were greatly influenced by the Dogma99. Eirik helped us further by sending specific suggestions and ideas.

- Franz Kafka, for his works. See Before the Law.