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In a fictional twentieth century, at the heart of a fictional central Europa, lies Krachfeld. A small and bleak Princedom, ruled from the Krachfeld Castle by faceless powers who exert their will through an obscure and impenetrable bureaucratic apparatus. Yet Krachfeld is no realm of terror. Small people live their insignificant lives without being disturbed most of the time. Only occasionally, someone is summoned to the Castle and is never heard of again...

'Krachfeld Satosu'nda Bir Gün' (A Day at Castle Krachfeld) was an experimental and minimalist live action role playing game (LARP) designed by Alper Acik and Nazim Gizem Forta. It took place on Sunday, 2nd.September.2001, in Municipality of Kadiköy's Baris Manco Culture Centre, in Istanbul. It had 18 players (including the 2 designers) and lasted 3 hours. The enrollment fee was 3.000.000 TL (approximately 2 USD) per player.

The premise was: 'where noone knows the law, anything can be a crime'. The setting and the atmosphere were adapted from Franz Kafka's literary works. Most players were ordinary citizens of Krachfeld from various occupations and social classses, who were summoned to the Interrogation Office of the Krachfeld Castle for a reason they do not know. There they were interrogated, according to the information on their personal files, by other players who played Castle Officers, about the crimes they may have committed. When the interrogations ended, Judge's Secretary decided who were free to leave the Castle. A Trial was the fate of those who were not allowed to leave. The game ended at this point.