Well into the 21st century, impact of a relatively new species (homo sapiens- numbering just 8 billions) undermined the ecological equilibrium, causing a substantial increase in global temperature levels, resulting in alteration of climates and mass extinction of species.

Politically the year 2031 is not very different from 2001 in many aspects. Representative democracy is still the most popular political system. There are still rich countries and the poor ones and the gap between them is greater than ever. In general, the world is more liberal and wars are less common. Now almost the whole world is a laisses-faire style free trade zone (with exceptions like Afghanistan). National governments are reduced in size and influence, while transnational and multinational corporations of various sizes, which freely exploit resources of the third world, are true global powers.

In the first decades of the 21st century technology continued to advance as predicted and is advancing faster than ever. Penetration time of new technologies into society remain very low, as it was with cellular phones and the internet, and penetration rate is also higher.

  • War in the Middle East; Israel recognised by Arab states, Syria pulls out of Lebanon
  • Russian government controlled by organised crime syndicates
  • Revolution in Iran, Islamic Republic is reorganised and establishes ties with the West
  • Free trade zones widen, globalisation and liberalisation trends spread
  • Large scale riots in Europe and the third world against globalisation
  • Flu epidemic kills an estimated 30 million people worldwide
  • Internet-capable household products (refrigerators, TVs, etc.)
  • Low-level genetic engineering
  • Wide-band internet access for cellular devices
  • China abandons Communist ideology
  • Collapse of welfare states because of aging populations, proliferation of libertarian states
  • WTO and transnational corporations support libertarianism, further spreading of free trade zones
  • Worldwide decline in military spending
  • Large scale exploitation of resources in Central Asia and Siberia by transnational corporations
  • 5th generation cellular devices allow continous and broadband internet access almost everywhere
  • More wide-spread genetic engineering and biotechnology; designer drugs, commercial human cloning
  • Low-level quantum computing
  • Low-level nanotechnology
  • Low-level artificial intelligences (AI)
  • Robot missions to other planets and moons
  • Near-complete integration of world markets
  • Wide-spread social unrest and rioting triggered by longevity treatments and climate change effects
  • Changes in the distribution of wealth favours the rich, threatening the middle classes
  • Worldwide increase in the number of cults, tribes, gangs and other alternative social groups
  • Legalisation of illegal drugs
  • Serious global climate change effects felt world-wide: extreme weather, spreading of tropical diseases and flora and fauna, pollution, drought, melting of polar ice, loss of ozone layer, continous haze over polluted areas
  • Climate change induced famine kills millions in Africa, India, and China
  • Advanced genetic engineering/biotechnology: longevity treatments and biological improvements for the rich
  • Commercial nanotechnology (simple material/drug synthesisers, manufacturing agents, bioagents)
  • Commercial quantum computers
  • High-level AIs, commercial AIs
  • Commercial Ghosts - digital translations of personalities
  • Commercial Vessels (bodies that can be teleoperated; cyborg or robotic)
  • Commercial high orbit stations
  • Now


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