2031 AD.
The peak of human civilisation. The world is more liberal than ever before, and the new world order of global capitalism reigns supreme. This is a time of free trade and international peace. But the struggle for power and survival continues in different, less subtle forms as this is also a time of inequality, injustice and exploitation. Here the rich are richer than ever, and the poor number in billions.

This is the age of technology. Homo sapiens is addicted to technology- needs it to survive, and at the same time rendered obsolete by it. Everything stands on the edge of unprecedented, irrevocable change, as the impact of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology on society converges rapidly to the point beyond which predictions are impossible- a Singularity point of the humanity equation.

    is a roleplaying game. It is more a setting than a game, but it also has simple game mechanics in the last two chapters.
    is cyberpunk - it deals with cybernetics and the street.
    is about evolution - it deals with adapting or failing to or refusing to adapt to a changing environment.
    is about the limits of the human perception of reality - it deals with different representations of reality.
    was influenced by the books of William Gibson and Philip K. Dick and an indie role-playing game called 'S c h i s m' by Memento-Mori Theatrics.
    is not soft science-fiction- it does not deal with psionic powers or mutant superheroes.
    is not about normal biological evolution. Things are changing much faster here.
    is not about violence and open conflict. Evolution is not war. It is the creation of new entities, be they biological, cybernetic or social.
    was not influenced by cartoons or anime, Japanese or otherwise, with the exception of the imagery.
    special thanks to Jared A. Sorensen and Zak Arntson and all the people from The Forge who sent feedback.

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